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1. Can I use the Picture Smart Bible with my first grader?

We have a K-3 curriculum that would be ideal for a first grader. However, some parents with older children want to keep them using the same program. The 4-Adult the Picture Smart Bible works best, of course, with 4 grade through adult. If a child can trace, he can do PSB lesson. Young children with good eye-hand coordination won't have a problem tracing the lines and coloring in the smaller shapes. However, many parents of Kindergarten-3rd grade are using the 4-Adult with them by allowing the younger children to color the Master Drawing while older ones are tracing the Student Sheet. The hear-see-do method still works for maximum retention. Most adults enjoy and profit from the Picture Smart Bible as much as young people.

2. Can I teach a lesson to my entire Bible class of 25 students?

Absolutely. Even more students will be fine. The content is engaging (because it's God's powerful Word!) and the method is different so they'll be attentive and involved. You may want to circulate a bit to encourage them to be neat and careful with their drawings just like you would with any other lessons.

3. Can the Picture Smart Bible be used with adults or do they think it's immature? How do adults react to it?

Most adults will appreciate the different approach. For example, if adults were studying a book of the Bible in a Sunday school class or small group, the the Picture Smart Bible could be used at the beginning of the study because of the helpful overview it provides. Also, parents and grandparents can sit with their children and grandchildren and learn a book together in a church setting.

4. How many lessons are there and how long does it take to teach each lesson?

Generally speaking, there is one Master Drawing for each Bible book. However, we have combined some of the smaller books on one page (ie. Ezra/Nehemiah: one page, minor prophets: 4 to a page) Each of the 49 lessons are 6-8 pages in length. Teachers may start and stop at any point. We have found most parents take 15 minutes/day, 4 days/week for one lesson. This gives ample time for discussion, coloring etc. Christian School and Sunday School classes often divide one lesson into 2 class sessons.

5. How is each lesson divided into class sessions?

They're not divided because we know homeschooling parents and Christian school teachers have different daily times devoted to the study of God's Word. You're free to make your own divisions that meet your needs. It's easy to stop at any number of places in each book and then pick it up the next day. The freedom to plan with your timeframe in mind is another reason The Picture-Smart Bible is also easy for youth pastors, Sunday school teachers, and camp directors to use.

6. Do I have to read the scripts word-for-word?

No, but you'll want to stay close to the script because of the excellent details included and the prompts to trace each part of the picture. You can use your own words, if you prefer but that would require more preparation.

7. Can I use these pictures, but use an actual Bible rather than the script?

You'll need to use the script because the directions for the drawings are in the script and they relate to the plot development. Scriptures are listed in the body of the script so you can pause and have students read the exact verses anytime you want.

8. What do I have to have in order to use the Picture Smart Bible?

The script from the Picture Smart Bible for the parent/teacher and a student sheet for each participant, which you'll copy from the back of the manual. You'll complete a picture while teaching, too, either on a transparency, using an overhead projector if you have many students, or at the table with your children. Each person will also need colored pencils, crayons, or markers. If the children will be doing many lessons or books, they'll appreciate folders or three-ring binders where they can keep the drawings.

9. I can't draw and I don't even like to draw, but my kids do. Am I really going to be able to use the Picture-Smart Bible successfully?

We provide a Drawing Practice lesson mostly for fun. Otherwise "drawing" consists of tracing a dotted line. You'll be successful because you just have to be able to trace the dotted lines. You'll also be successful because your children will enjoy it and spur you on.

10. What is your doctrinal position?

We have attempted to share Bible truths without doctrinal commentary. After 10 years of distribution, no negative comments have been received by our office, we believe that we have succeeded in that goal. It is also true that the Student Sheets are blank, giving parents/teachers full control over words used on the sheet. Our Statement of Faith is available for the asking.

11. Is the CD compatible with a PC or Mac?

The CD will work with either MAC or PC computers and is driven by Adobe Acrobat Reader which is also on the file. No other software is necessary.

12. What are the copyright restrictions?

The copyright page which prefaces the resource section in the manual, permits purchasing organizations to copy Student Sheets for their group (home, church, school, home school coop). Copying for the purpose of selling or distributing is prohibited.